Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lessons of a Web Weaver

So there is this spider that lives on the front area of our apartment. I think it's been there almost as long as we have lived here. I'm not really a fan of spiders, but I take the "don't bother me, and I won't bother you" approach, when it comes to them. However, this evening I stepped outside to take in the dawning sky, and noticed the spider was once again weaving it's web. Now this seems insignificant, but what I know is that the spider's web was washed out by the rain either last night or at some point today, completely gone. I noticed the absence of this amazing ever growing natrual piece of art around 4pm today, and by 8:30pm another web is now present and quickly approaching the size and incatricy of the one that came before it.

I don't know why, but in this moment, in this observation, it struck me that this spider is representative of the human condition, or really the condition of anything that has a life. We do our best to spin this beautiful weave of a life, and we all know that some days are better than others. However, it never fails there are days that our web is either severely damaged or completely knocked. It may take some time, but eventually we get back up and repair or completely recreate the web we had begun. How powerful a message is that?!

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